If you currently have pest or termite service with another company and would like to switch we won’t charge you an initial service fee. We will start you at the quarterly or annual price.

Our General Pest Control Services

We provide guaranteed pest control services that protect your home from roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, fleas, ticks, rodents and more.


Termite Control

Our termite control program is designed to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that their biggest investment is protected by proven treatment methods and a written guarantee. We offer both conventional and damage repair policies with our termite control treatment. We are Termidor certified professionals.



Rodents can be difficult to keep out of structures. For instance, mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. For proper rodent pest control, seal any cracks and voids. Eliminate conducive enviornments such as bird feeding, poor landscaping, improper composting and bad drainage to help maintain control.



A spider has made its home in your closet. An army of ants continue to march one by one into your kitchen. Roaches continue to surprise you in the middle of the night. Bedbugs are resting more than you are. It is time to take your back control of your place with our guaranteed pest control services.


Your home is your castle. A place of comfort, relaxation and safety. You should not have to fear the presence of pests that can cause damage, health concerns and embarrassment. Our maintenance programs, one time treatments and other reliable services offered protect the health and safety of your home – which is our top priority!


A business cannot afford to take chances when selecting a pest control service. The Commercial Division of EcoPest can:

  • Free you from pest worries.
  • Save you valuable time and money.
  • Implement a specialized pest elimination plan, designed specifically for your business.

Not only are we educated in both the classroom and field, we have the equipment necessary to ensure that pest problems are eliminated.

Our Working Process



We come do a thorough inspection and determine the most effective treatment to rid your of your pests.



We offer our advice on what should be done to rid you of your pests



We schedule your appointment to come out and rid you of pests



We continue to come and spray so your home or business continues to stay pest free

Eco Pest Residential Services Pest Control
Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

The absolute best around. Very professional, knowledgeable, and affordable! I simply cannot praise this company enough. Five stars! Keep up the great work! : )

Andre' Fenwick
This company was a pleasure to work with. Mr. MacWilliams is a very professional and polite man. He took the time to explain what was needed for our house and and made sure we understood all the information he gave us. I highly recommend the use of this company.
Tyler Ibanez
On time for our appointment and a very nice guy. He did a thorough inspection and explained the needed steps to eliminate our problem. I would recommend this company, very professional!
Ben Elias
Showed up on time wearing a mask. Clean appearance. Professional and pleasant. Explained the process in easy to understand language. No mess.
Vicky Pons

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